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#OpenBSD slacker

site:     https://x61.sh
log:      https://x61.sh/log
work:     https://alfajor.sh
location: fart cloud


gonzalo honked 01 Dec 2022 17:15 +0100

「Fcitx5」がうごかない -_-!

gonzalo honked 29 Nov 2022 20:53 +0100

my suricata upgrade diff killed my remote vm, and now I can't connect to it until tomorrow :/

gonzalo honked 27 Nov 2022 20:59 +0100

The best weekend is the one with graphs :

snmp walk -v 2c -c ${COMMUNITY} ${HOST} hrProcessorLoad

gonzalo honked 27 Nov 2022 10:46 +0100

#honkers #honk there is a way to honk back to someone in your timeline and make it go back to where you were before the honk so I don't loose track of it? So far I honk back -> go back -> cancel my "honk back" (which already hoonked) and continue scrolling